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2006-10-04, 05:42 PM
Please see attached image. the current project calls for alot of metal siding panels of different profiles. I can create a tool in a current section and did just that but in the section of Metal Decking 05300. It works just fine but would like to get it to 07610 as the product binder calls for. There is no section 07610.

First: How do I create a new spec Section the Detail Component Manager?

Second: how do I just copy the tool and all the XML junk with it?

2006-10-05, 02:15 PM
This is very frustrating. :banghead:

Well I created a new group and a new node but the could not create the columns to define the size parameters.

It also seems that I can cut & paste a node but I can't simply copy and paste it. And it still still does not bring all the columns.

Pulling my hair out over here.

2006-10-05, 02:48 PM
These may help:

[url=]http://www.augi.com/education/auhandouts/2004/BD25-1L.pdf (]http://www.augi.com/education/auhandouts/2004/BD34-5.pdf[/url)

2006-10-05, 06:59 PM
These may help:
................Thanks! :)
I will be printing these out and and doing a little reading on the weekend