View Full Version : 2D Section, not everything displaying

2006-12-06, 10:20 AM
I have a problem with a sizable model file in creating a 2D Section (13Mb).

I make the cut using a standard ADT Section tool, but there are whole systems not displaying in the section. For example, I have modelled a system of cable tray, but when I come to create the section, it does not show up, the Ductwork, Structure and Architecture appear mainly fine apart from a slab on an adjoining building going awol.

I would assume that I am missing something in the Section Style, that is blocking these systems, but I can't find any settings that could be doing this.

Any advice please? Thanks in advance.

2006-12-06, 10:55 AM
In answer to my own question and a bit of a :Oops: , it was the Display Manager, the Cable Tray had been turned off for sectional views, turned it all back on, refreshed the section and voila!