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2007-01-02, 02:11 PM
I seem be having a problem since upgrading to 2007.1.

For some reason my lines aren't haloing on MvParts while ductwork is passing over the items. For instance, I place a furnace on the plan and run ductwork over top of it, no parts of the furnace are being haloed. I'm sure it's something to do with the display manager, but I'm not entirely sure what it is.

Also, I've noticed that on another workstation, they have more display configurations than I do, which seems to be the root of the issue. Mine is set to ABS Floor by default, but the other is set to MEP Design, which is not an option for me. Both workstations are set to HVAC workspace.

Any help would be appreciated. It's more of an annoyance than anything.

2007-01-02, 04:51 PM
Hi ordengate, (sorry I don,t know your name)

I agree with you it's a display issue.

To get your MvParts to halo you'll need to either find a display configuration that has this set up or change one of your existing configurations. To change the current configuration do the following:

Go to FORMAT - Display Manager.
Click the plus sign next to Configurations.
Click the plus sign next to the display configuration that is bold.
Click the display set that is bold.
Scroll down to Multi-View Part find the Display Representation that is checked, hover your mouse over the checked representation right click and pick edit.
The display properties dialog box should pop up. Click the layer next to "Hidden Lines" and change it to M-Halo-High.
Change the color and line type to Bylayer.
Click OK twice.
This will only work in the current drawing. If this is something you want to see on every drawing you should modify your template.

Also once you get this to work the way you want you can copy and paste this display configuration from drawing to drawing.

Hope this helps.

2007-01-02, 06:26 PM
All of those settings were already there, so it has to be something else I'm missing.

2007-01-02, 07:23 PM
Any way you can post an example so we can take a look?

2007-01-02, 08:24 PM
Here you go.

2007-01-03, 04:39 PM
Hi Thomas,

I couldn't get your display configuration to work either. It seems you have everything set up correctly. I did import some other display configurations and achieved some success. I've attached your drawing with my added display configurations. Take a look and tell me what you think.

2007-01-03, 07:45 PM
Yours seem to work just fine.

Just out of curiousity, is it possible to hop on the other workstation and copy the display configuratings off it and overwrite mine? Will it screw up AutoCAD?

2007-01-03, 10:35 PM
Just out of curiousity, is it possible to hop on the other workstation and copy the display configuratings off it and overwrite mine? Will it screw up AutoCAD?
The display configurations are drawing specific.

All you need to do is open your drawing and go to FORMAT - Display Manager.
In the display manager open the drawing that has the display configurations you want to use.
Now just select the display configuration from the other drawing and drag and drop it into your drawing.

I would strongly suggest finding all of the display configurations you like/use and copy and paste them into your template. This will make all of the display configurations available when you start a new drawing.

Have fun.

2007-01-04, 12:13 PM
Finally found the issue and fixed it once I copied all of the display configurations out of a blank template into my template. Why my template lost them in the first place is beyond me though.

Thanks a lot for the help either way though, this was driving me nuts.