View Full Version : 3ds MAX - Making a Rock Wall with Greeble!

2007-08-15, 03:51 PM
Although its probably not its intended usage...heres a tutorial for making a rock wall with Greeble...thanks to Tom Hudson for this great plugin.

A brief tutorial on how to do it:

http://www.dwayneellis.com/misc/fxw...Rock%20Wall.pdf (http://www.dwayneellis.com/misc/fxwars/tutorial/Creating%20a%20Rock%20Wall.pdf)

Some Screencaps:
(For some reason the links weren't showing up...heres the directory.)


And the maxfile:

http://www.dwayneellis.com/misc/fxw...-RockWall01.max (http://www.dwayneellis.com/misc/fxwars/tutorial/Greeble-RockWall01.max)

Have fun!

2007-08-21, 12:49 PM
Neat tutorial :) I wanna play with this a bit...

No biggie since the pdf was detailed enough, but the screenshots weren't found on your server, so you may want to double-check them.

2007-09-18, 11:48 AM
Links are no longer working.

2007-09-24, 01:02 PM
I'm in between hosting right now....but the new AUGIWorld mag has my article covering this topic. If anyone wants the files just PM r email me and i'll send them to ya.