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2009-01-30, 07:25 PM
I am trying to import an SDF file that was created by HEC-RAS 4.0. I have tried Map > Tools > Import, and I have tried File menu > Create DWG From > Autodesk SDF 2 (MapGuide 6.x). Both ways I get an error telling me that I don't have an SDF file or that it is improperly formatted.

Can anyone tell me how to import an SDF file that has been exported from HEC-RAS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2009-01-30, 08:13 PM
The HEC-RAS SDF format is not the same format that Map3D uses. The HEC-RAS format is an ANSI text file that you can open in Notepad if you want, where as the Autodesk SDF format is more of an SQlite format. IOW to use an HEC-RAS file/info you need one of the extensions for Civil3D if you want it in AutoCAD.

2009-01-30, 09:52 PM
Ok. That makes sense. I used the HEC-RAS import extension and it worked ok. Thanks.

2010-04-19, 08:58 PM

I' have a problem. I coldn't import sdf file into civil 3d by hec-ras export/import extention because an error always come up "run-time error '62' Input past end of file.
What can I do?

2010-04-20, 11:38 AM
You need to ask the Civil 3D group, http://forums.augi.com/forumdisplay.php?f=99
It's not a Map 3D issue.

2021-12-30, 10:21 AM
Follow these steps to import a HEC‑RAS model:

Select Input | Import HEC‑RAS from the ribbon menu.
The Import HEC‑RAS Project dialog box will be displayed.
Click the […] file browse to select the HEC‑RAS project file. The software will display the Import HEC‑RAS Project File dialog box. After selecting a HEC‑RAS project file, the user will be returned to this dialog box.
The Import HEC‑RAS Project dialog box provides the ability to import a specific scenario (or plan) from the HEC‑RAS model. This is helpful with extremely large HEC‑RAS models where only one scenario needs to be considered. By default all scenarios will be imported.
The Fix intersecting geometries in HEC‑RAS model data checkbox option is used when schematic HEC‑RAS models that are not georeferenced are imported. The software will auto-detect when to apply this option and the user does not need to override this option.
When all of the options have been properly defined, click the [Import] button to import the HEC‑RAS project. After the HEC‑RAS is imported, the extent of the model will be displayed in the Map View.

Reference: https://knowledge.civilgeo.com/knowledge-base/importing-hec-ras-models/

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Refer to knowledge base of CivilGEO (https://www.civilgeo.com/)

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