View Full Version : exporting and importing shapefiles on a dwg file

2009-02-06, 11:56 PM
I have problems quand i export a layer of autocad 3d map 2008 (as a shapefile), because when i export it and i insert that in a new file autocad, all this (by default) it appears all in white (loosing his natural color). I had copied this as a shape file, changing his attributes (color, linetype, lineigth...and others) but when i see them on a new file, it's all in white. Do i have to change something when i export or i must change something in the new file (or during le process de import le shape)?

Can i change an attribute (as his color) of a shapefile in a notepad version?

2009-02-08, 12:58 AM
GIS data to include shape files do not have a color property to the geometry, any color assigned to them is an attribute included in the data the same as any other attributes, for instance the name of a road or owner of a parcel. When you import a shp file you can assign it to an AutoCAD drawing layer that controls the color, however in Map3D 2008 there is a bug that assigns all the color property to WHITE, which you see. The work around is use quick select "Qsel" to select those objects and change the color property in the object property palette after the import.