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Martin P
2003-05-07, 01:15 PM
Dont know if this is something that is happeneing anyway

The message board at RUGI seems to get a few of posts that dont get a lot of response, I dont check things there very often myself - why not get together with the rugi people and have the link to here for messageboards, and you in turn have links to RUGI for downloads etc? Hope I dont offend the people at RUGI people with that, just seems a shame to be divided between 2 great sites, and people visiting there might not be aware of this site.

jacob chavez
2003-07-24, 01:07 AM
It's true, I wasn't aware of this site until recently, and I've been using revit for about a year. This is a much better place to exchange ideas, but I still go to RUGI when I'm looking for a family.

2003-07-24, 01:09 AM
Jim Balding can better explain the goals....but AUGI and RUGI are "merging" at some point in the hopefully near future...so things may get a little/lot better consolidated. Jim??

2003-07-24, 02:13 AM
It will all be clear in 2-3 weeks +/-... maybe more but will be worth the wait. The new solution is shaping up great, and is certainly something to look forward to...

jacob chavez
2003-07-25, 12:56 AM
Is the Augi that you speak of "augi.com"? I signed up for the revit guild through augi, and subscribed, but havn't received a single email. Is anyone else signed up? Has there just not been any activity or do I need to resubscribe?


2003-07-25, 03:33 AM
Yes we are speaking of AUGI.com. The guilds have been very inactive as of late, if not non-existant. There will be postings here soon letting you know our progress. I would tell you more, but it is just like Revit, we have things planned, but they may not make the "release" :D

Keep checking back.