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2009-03-10, 11:51 PM
Can somebody tell me if it is possible to "tag" a open end of a line intelligently in AutoCAD P&ID, eg. TO ATM or OPEN END TO TRENCH, so that this text also
appears in the to and from in the line list?
Cheers, Pieter

2009-03-16, 03:19 PM
The best way I can see to acomplish this task is to take the read-only off of the TO field long enough to fill in your info and then go back and recheck the read-only box on the To field. With that said here are the steps.

1. In the project Manager select the project name and right click and select properties.

2. Go locate the Pipe Line Segments class it is found under the

P&ID Class Definitions ->Engineering Items->Lines->Pipe Line Segments

3. After select Pipe Line Segments on the the properties on the right you will find a
Property name called TO. Uncheck the Read Only box. and select OK.

4. Now you will be able to fill in the TO from the Data Manager or the properties dialog box.

5. When you are thru I would reapply the read-only property to that field.

I hope this does what you are wanting.