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General Guidelines

The AUGI Forums are open meeting places where members of the Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) can ask questions, share information, and discuss issues relating to software published by Autodesk, Inc. and their third-party software partners. The AUGI Forums build a searchable knowledge base by maintaining a database record of all communications posted to them. AUGI welcomes and encourages its members to participate by posting questions or providing input or answers to questions from other users. Members are encouraged to discuss methods for working with, and providing solutions to everyday end user issues. The AUGI Forums are divided into several industry categories or communities. These categories are often internally separated into Forums directly related to Autodesk products.

AUGI Forum members commit themselves to helping their fellow members in whatever way they can, and as fast as they can. A message posted on the Forum will usually be read by several people within minutes. If your question has a quick answer you will probably get a quick response. If it's a tough one, it will take longer but it will get researched. And if we can't answer it, we'll ask Autodesk to help out and find the solution.

We have implemented the following guidelines for using our community forums in order to maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all our members. Please read the following Basics, Do's, Don'ts, Etiquette, and Security sections very carefully. By proceeding to post on AUGI's Forums you agree to these guidelines and must obey them at all times. Refusal to obey these guidelines will result in the appropriate responsive actions.

The guidelines outlined in this document apply equally to Forum Private Message and Forum Email services. These services are made available to members by AUGI and are an extension of the AUGI Forums. Any infringement of their use by a member, may result in that member losing access to those services.

Generally speaking, Posting Private messages in public without the author's permission is typically against normal internet etiquette. When someone sends you a PRIVATE message, or a private email, there is an unspoken understanding that the contents of the message will remain PRIVATE. Therefore, it is against the policy of to allow private messages or emails to be posted in public forums.

We reserve the right to ban any member who violates our guidelines or intentionally disrupts our community. We will be fair and provide warning in most cases.

Forum Basics

  • To maintain a constructive, informative, and helpful environment for all AUGI Forums, AUGI reviews posts and may edit or remove those that don't adhere to the AUGI Forum Guidelines. Failure to adhere to these terms may terminate your ability to post topics, or reply to messages in the AUGI Forums.

  • Multiple AUGI accounts are not permitted. If a person is identified as having multiple AUGI accounts:
    • They will be contacted directly (privately) and asked to select one account.
    • The remaining accounts will then be merged into their chosen account.

  • Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you.

  • Please limit your input to questions, solutions, tips or suggestions relating to any Autodesk or third party software product, or the operating system(s) that the software runs on.

  • Please use the Coffee without CAD (CWC) forum for conversations not directly associated with an Autodesk product. Coffee without CAD is the place for light chat and fun with fellow Forum Users. Please keep things polite and professional, the AUGI Forum Guidelines still apply here.

  • Please avoid forum clutter by refraining from one word posts like "Thanks". If you want to say thank you to an individual, please use the "Private Message" utility.

  • Members are encouraged to participate in discussions but are not required to, but you only get out of it what you put into it.

Forum Do's

  • Review all Forum Announcements.

  • Before posting to the Forum, make an effort to search our Forums for the answer first. Frequently, you are not the first to encounter a problem and chances are good that you will be able to find an answer that has already been posted.

  • Before posting to the Forum, make an effort to qualify a problem by duplicating it. One occurrence may not necessarily indicate a problem with the software or operating system. If you cannot duplicate it, it may have been a simple operator error.

  • Provide a short but catchy description of the issue you are posting in the Subject field of the message. Simply typing "Question" will reduce your responses.

  • If you can, be prepared to describe the conditions associated with your problem, such as Autodesk product version (Release), command or process that causes it. In some cases you may be asked to provide more technical information about your computer such as operating system, processor type, amount of RAM, available disc space etc.. If you do not know these, please ask for help. Forum members are more than happy to show you how to get this information, and you will learn more about your hardware in the process.

  • Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at the categories and forums provided as well as previously posted topics to help determine where your topic should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it will be moved by a moderator.

Forum Don'ts

  • Do not post messages that are inflammatory, non-constructive, or at odds with the aims of AUGI and its Forums.

  • Do not post messages that contain offensive language or references or personal attacks against other AUGI members.

  • Do not post non-constructive messages about AUGI or its programs and services. If there is something you do not like, please suggest a solution or course of action to remedy the situation. Feel free to post your ideas and concerns in the Forum Feedback or Site Feedback Sub-Forums or E-mail the Forum Manager directly.

  • Do not mistake our Forums for your personal soap box. The Forums are designed as a communication tool to assist our members in solving problems and becoming more productive in their use of Autodesk products.

  • Do not impersonate another member within these forums, in any mode of communication, it is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.

  • Do not post the same question to more than one forum at a time (be it to the same forum or separate forums). The term for this is "Multiple-Forum Posting" which can be quite confusing and will complicate the Forum process. All but one of the posts will be deleted by a Moderator.

  • Do not add the Forum or any Forum member's address to any mailing list.

  • Do not use addresses obtained from a Forum message for any personal or business mailing.

  • Do not argue a Moderators decision publicly. Any and all complaints directed at a Moderator must first be addressed to the Moderator in question via PM. If the problem cannot be resolved, then the Moderator and member must send their positions to the Forum Manager. The Forum Manager will make or change any and/or all final decisions after consultation with AUGI's Board of Directors.

  • Do not post any job descriptions or resumes in messages to the general Forums. Only post such messages in the "Career Corner" Sub-Forums.

  • Do not post any form of advertising or self promotional material or links to them within the Forums. We realize there is a slight grey area where it may be necessary to do so to provide technical solutions. We also recognize blatant self promotion. To advertise on AUGI, please contact the AUGIWorld Magazine or AUGI HotNews staff.

  • Do not mistake the "Classified" Forum as a place for posting commercial adverts / messages. Classified ads (individual type) maybe be posted in the "Classified" Forum only.

  • Posts that infringe any of the above guidelines will be deleted or moved accordingly, by a Moderator without notice.

Forum Etiquette

  • No question is too simple. A person with one day's experience is as welcome as one with a decade or more of experience.

  • Members are expected to behave professionally. Personal insults, unsubstantiated or inflammatory statements, and demeaning or vulgar language will not be tolerated and can result in being banned from the site. Members will be clearly warned when they are in violation. Bans can be temporary or permanent, based upon the severity of the situation. Re-admittance will be at the sole discretion of the Forum Manager. Members who are readmitted and resume offensive behavior will be permanently banned.

  • Should you receive messages that you feel violate these guidelines, please do not respond to the sender. While in the offending message, click the “Report Bad Post” button (the red triangle at the left of the post) and briefly describe the offense. This will notify the Forum manager. No further action is necessary. If there are repeated offenses, continue to use the same method.

  • Should you receive a message via Forum Private Message or Forum Email that you feel violates these guidelines, please do not respond to the sender. Instead please forward all relevant details to a Forum Moderator. No further action is necessary. If there are repeated offenses, continue to use the same method.

  • Do not demand immediate responses. Forum members are volunteers and have jobs just like you. They answer messages as soon as their individual schedules will allow. Our members span the globe and may be in very different time zones.

  • No personal attacks or flames will be allowed within the Forums. This includes, but is not limited to: insulting others for their comments and ideas, language skills, age, sex and religious beliefs.

  • No spamming. This includes, but is not limited to: comments not contributing to the board, advertisements, cross posts, and messages posted repeatedly.

  • No Pornography. Do not post messages containing content of a sexual or violent nature. This includes links or URLs to sites containing such content.

  • Please do not post thread titles and thread posts using only UPPER case letters. The use of all UPPER case letters in the virtual world is considered rude and a sign of shouting.

  • Please refrain from using "eye catchers" in thread titles. Examples are adding characters like ==> <== or ** ** around the subject. Please type a clear descriptive subject only.

Forum Security

  • Do not provide or request personal information of any kind in a Forum message. This information may include but is not limited to, home or business phone numbers or addresses, government ID numbers, credit card or bank information of any kind, or secure passwords. If you see any individual doing so, report it as abuse.

  • Do not post company proprietary data in the forums. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your company's data. AUGI will not be responsible for the release by its members of company proprietary data, either by the posting of it in the Forum or delivery via email. Please clear the public release of your company's data with your employer prior to doing so.

  • Do not attempt to bypass Forum filters, permissions, or other mechanisms. This includes intentionally working around the forum profanity filter (if active) or working around bans. Attempts to do so may result in bans or an extension of existing bans.

  • Almost all AUGI Forums allow message attachments. Some file types are restricted. We encourage you to make your attachments as small as possible, and enforce a 1 MB aggregate limit in most cases.

  • Although AUGI monitors messages, we do not scan file attachments for viruses or otherwise check or test the quality of these files. You download these files at your own risk. AUGI does not and cannot warrant the performance or results you may obtain by saving and opening these files and is not responsible for viruses or other risks involved with your use of the file attachments.

  • Solutions and suggestions received from Forum members are not warranted or guaranteed in any way. Use them at your own risk. By participating in the AUGI Forum, you indicate your agreement to indemnify the Forum and all its members and their assigns from any liability for time or data lost or damage to any property resulting from your implementation of any recommendation or solution given by AUGI or its members.

Forums and Messaging Confidentiality

Private Messages (PM) or EMails between members, moderators, or administrators of the forum are not to be made public on these forums or anywhere else. You must not post any private correspondence received from any member, any moderator, or any administrator on this site or anywhere else that is public. Moderators or Administrators cannot see into members’ Private Message boxes. Therefore, messages sent by Members to Moderators will not be divulged to other Members. Under normal circumstances they will not be divulged to other Moderators or Administrators either. However, there may be certain situations where Moderators feel it necessary share a private message or email from an individual Member with other Moderators and/or Administrators. In all cases where a private message or email has been shared it will only be done in the strictest form of confidence to preserve confidentiality and never made available to the public.

Warnings and Bans

Warnings and bans are not to be discussed on the forum and must remain private between the Moderators and the Member. If you have a question or comment about a warning or ban, you must send either a private message or an email to that Moderator in the first instance. Discussions regarding Moderator actions are not permitted on the forum. For example, don’t post “Where’s my post gone” onto the forum. Send a message to one of the Moderators instead. If you are still not happy, the site Administrators will arbitrate.

Career Corner Guidelines

  • Please limit posts to job offerings, opportunities, openings and wanted.

  • Do not post any other kind of job opening / wanted or any other form of message within this Forum.

  • Jobs should have some relationship to an Autodesk product. Please do not mistake AUGI as a general job market web site.

  • AUGI does not accept the following job offerings, opportunities, openings and wanted:

  • Multi-level marketing opportunities.
  • Opportunities that require fees for training or start-up - including Employment Agencies, Recruiting Services (whether free or not).
  • Self employed people who run their own company and seek work for their own business. To advertise your company / services on AUGI, please contact the AUGIWorld Magazine or AUGI HotNews staff.
  • Additional / Extra / On the side / Offering Services / Moonlighting / etc. type posts will not be "Validated" and posted live to the web site. Such posts are not in keeping with the intent and_or spirit of the Career Corner forums.

  • AUGI reserves the right to turn down (reject) any job offerings, opportunities, openings and wanted, posted on its web site without notice.

  • Posts should include the minimum information required to outline the relevant job offering / wanted ie. Please refer to the example posts located at the top of each Career Corner Forum.

  • Related Autodesk product(s).
  • Location.
  • Contact E-mail address (must be E-mail or P.O. Box, no telephone numbers for privacy reasons).

  • Do not include personal information (such as resumes) in your post. Please use the contact details provided in the original post to contact each other and conduct all further discussions outside of the AUGI Forums. Why? - AUGI wants to make it easy for our members to find each other, but AUGI does not want to facilitate identity theft.

  • All posts are Moderated (validated) before they go live on the AUGI web site. AUGI reserves the right to reject any submission. If this is necessary we will let you know why. Please contact if you have questions.

  • We encourage you (via to let us know when a Job Offer / Seeker position has been "Filled" / "Found", we will then remove the relevant post from the web site.

  • All posts expire (are removed) after four months have elapsed from their original time of posting. If you would like your post to remain on after this time, please contact the Career Corner Team via

  • AUGI reserves the right to modify the "Career Corner" Guidelines at any time. Please make sure you periodically check these guidelines for changes. Use of the "Career Corner" Sub-Forums constitutes acceptances of these guidelines. AUGI reserves the right to alter the scope and use, even discontinue, the "Career Corner" Sub-Forums at will, without notice.

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