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Search for New Posts

New Posts are defined as those made since your last log-in. Posts made (by you or anyone else) during your current session will not appear if you search for new posts. To see these in a new post search, you must log out and then back in.

The best way to list the new posts to a whole category or single forum since your last visit:
Method 1
Click on any category (categories are the larger text with no folder icons).
Click "Search this Forum" (on the right).
Click "New Posts"
All posts to forums in this category since your last visit will be displayed.
Method 2
Click on any forum (click on folder text)
Click "Search this Forum" (on the right).
Click "New Posts".
All posts to this forum since your last visit will be displayed.
Method 3
Subscribe to a forum.
Go to your Control Panel, your subscriptions will be listed there.
Open the forum of your choice.
From the Forum Tools menu, pick "New Posts"
All posts to this forum since yor last visit will be displayed.

About User Reputation

vBulletin's user reputation system provides a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. Users on your forums can add or subtract reputation points from other users by clicking the reputation link in their posts. You can set restrictions on the giving and taking away of reputation points by users in your vBulletin options.

User reputations allow the users in your community to tell vBulletin which users are quality and which users are not. And in response to user feedback, vBulletin has the ability to label and reward users for the quality of their posts, as is indicated by their reputation.

You can label quality users by defining reputation levels in the User Reputation Manager. User reputation levels work very similar to user titles and user ranks in that they are an indicator of status that are displayed next to names in posts.

You can reward quality users by creating promotions on the Promotions page. Promotions are used to change a user's group memberships when they meet certain conditions, one of which can be their reputation level. Because forum permissions can be controlled with group memberships, a user's reputation in conjunction with promotions can be used to control a user's forum permissions. And so by using a combination of user reputations, promotions, and group permissions, you can enable your community to reward and punish good and bad posters on your forums.

About Anti-SPAM measures

We have implemented some measures to try to protect the forums from spam as much as possible.

The first line of defense is filtering. Most spam is generated programatically by creating many users and immediately having them post to the forums. Therfore, posts made by new users are filtered for spam. After a user has been a member for 3 days AND has made 5 non-spam posts, their posts will not be filtered for spam. Mainly, this means new users will not be able to make posts containing hyperlinks.

The second line of defense is you. If you feel a post is objectionable, then you can use the Report Post button located in the lower left corner of each post. It looks like a red triangle. This will send an email to the moderators.

How do I subscribe to a forum?

You can subscribe to forums and receive summary emails notifying you of recent activity in the forum. You can choose among daily and monthly schedules. To subscribe to a particular Forum, do the following: 1.) Using the navigation bar at the top of the page navigate by clicking on Forum names until you are view the main page for the forum you wish to subscribe to. 2.) Choose Forum Tools from the "Threads in Forum:" header. 3.) Select "Subscribe to This Forum" from the pull down menu displayed in step 2. 4.) Choose the subscription frequency from the "Navigation Options" pull down in the middle of the "Subscribe to Forum" form. 5.) Choose the "Add Subscription" button to complete this task.

What confidence do I have that private messages (pm) remain private?

No one can view your private messages. Administrators and moderators cannot view your inbox or sent messages.

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