Hi Gang,

Does anybody know how to pass a named VBA selection set to lisp or the command line?

For example. There appears to be no VBA method equal to the BOUNDARY command. You would need this to specify a selection to represent a specific boundary set whilst executing the boundary command.

At the moment I am using this:

SelStBnd.Select acSelectionSetAll, , , FilterType, FilterData
ThisDrawing.SendCommand _
"(setq ss (ssget " & Chr(34) & "x" & Chr(34) & " (list (cons 8 " & _
Chr(34) & FilterData(0) & Chr(34) & " ))))" & vbCr

where SelStBnd is named selection set and FilterData(0) is layer names

After using this ss is available for re-use at the command prompt as a selection set. But surely there is a "vla" subr to transfer the VBA selection set to a lisp/command prompt selection set, which would be quicker than selecting twice.