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Thread: inserting xref from command line

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    Default inserting xref from command line

    is there a way to inserting a xref from command line without having to pick the file

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    Default Re: inserting xref from command line

    If you really mean "without selecting a file in the dialog box" then yes.

    (setvar 'FileDia 0)
    (command "._-XRef" ...)
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    Default Re: inserting xref from command line

    "-xref" still works.

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    Default Re: inserting xref from command line

    Yes, but you'll need to set FILEDIA=0 first ... as Robert's explained. Even if you don't use LISP (command ...) calls, you'll still need the FILEDIA=0 otherwise the file select dialog will open.

    The hyphen (minus) prefix is supposed to force command line version of any command. There is 2 "official" exceptions:
    1. If the command uses a file open / save dialog somewhere further along the course of completion (e.g. the 2nd dialog of XREF), the File Dialog will still open. The FILEDIA sysvar controls this.
    2. If a block is inserted using -INSERT and contains attributes, then the Attribute Entry dialog opens just after insertion. The ATTDIA sysvar controls this one.
    There are some commands which simply don't have any form of command line equivalents, but they're usually some of the newer stuff (e.g. the command DATALINK which manages links to Excel spreadsheets does not have a -DATALINK command line equivalent). Or addons such as Express Tools, e.g. -SUPERHATCH doesn't work.

    Then of course, remember to turn FILEDIA (and/or ATTDIA) back to 1, otherwise stuff like OPEN will ask for the filename at the command line.
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