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Thread: Plumbing fixtures from the Architect

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    Default Plumbing fixtures from the Architect


    I am working on my first plumbing design in Revit and i would appreciate some clarification on the post below. I sent the architect plumbing family files that have connectors. The architect then put them in their model which i have linked to my MEP model. I copied the plumbing fixtures from the architectural model and pasted them into my MEP model using 'Paste Aligned-Current View' as 'Paste Aligned-Same Place' was not an option. Is this a good way to start or am i going to have problems.

    Thanks in advance!

    Quote Originally Posted by SimonWHNZ View Post
    There are several ways of doing this Glenn...

    • Use the TAB key to select the plumbing fixtures within the linked architects file. 'Ctrl-C' (copy to clipboard) and then 'Paste Aligned-Same Place' from the edit menu.
      • You will however then need to replace these with MEP equivalents that have connectors.
    • Place MEP Plumbing fixtures just as you have been doing and then turn them off in the linked file.
    • Alternatively, only have face based plumbing connector families which mean you don't have to place any toilets / WHB's, only the plumbing connections.
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Plumbing fixtures from the Architect

    There is nothing wrong with what you have done so far. I recomend that the architect and the engineer use the same fixture in each model for consistancy. However, the architectural fixture does not need to have the connectors and information required by the engineer. None of the information in the architectural fixture will be useable by you when you import the architectural model into your own. You will have to place your own fixtures (just like you have done) to be able to use the connectors. All the architectural models fixtures are good for in your case is to place your fixtures in your own model.

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