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Thread: Activate a LISP routine from Excel

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    Default Activate a LISP routine from Excel

    Does anyone know how to activate/run a lisp routine out of a macro? I have a Lisp routine that fills in the attributes of a block based on an excel file. I have create a VBA program that inserts a block based on the input defined in a user form. Once I hit OK the block is inserted into the drawing. Then I run the lisp routine selecting the block that was just inserted to fill in the attributes. I would like my LISP routine to run once I hit OK the userform.

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    Default Re: Activate a LISP routine from Excel

    You can use SendCommand. It runs asyncronously from vba, but it sounds like it will work in your case. Also, search this forum for "vlax.cls" for a more direct way of executing lisp. Also, you can do what you want directly from vba and abandon your lisp.
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