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    Default RIGID LINKS

    I have been doing some limited exports to Risa 3d with some limited success. One of the glaring issues that would solve a lot of the modeling problems is user assigned rigid links in Revit. I am contemplating creating some and giving it a try.
    However,I would like to gain opnions on the best way to go about creating this custom family. Starte with the out of he box structra beams and bracing family?

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    Default Re: RIGID LINKS

    In our office's experience, and in talking to RISA Tech Support, we concluded that avoiding rigid links is the best plan. Instead we try to pay close attention to the analytical lines for all of the relevant elements in Revit and then simplifying our RISA model. According to RISA, rigid links tend to make the results inaccurate, and the small concessions necessary to connect analytical lines produced relatively small errors in analysis. If rigid links are absolutely necessary I imagine we would model them in the RISA model as needed....I hope this is somewhat helpful...

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