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Thread: my objects are not inserting right help!

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    Default my objects are not inserting right help!

    I cannot get my sinks to place on the correct plane and when I get it to place I cannot move it vertically.


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    Default Re: my objects are not inserting right help!

    First, which version of Revit are you using?

    Second, check to see if your sinks are face based families, wall based families or un-hosted. The easy way to tell is by editing the family and see if there is a big square that the sink is built on. If so it is face based or wall based. If you select the big square and in the description bar it says "Basic Wall: Wall 1" or something similar, it is wall based and you can only place it on walls. If it says nothing it is face based and you can place it on any 3D face.

    If your having trouble placing them on the right plane, they are probably face based. Check to make sure you have the "Place on a Face" button selected and not "Place on a vertical Face" assuming it is version 2010.

    Hopefully that will get you started on figuring this out.

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