I am upgrading my machine and I don't want minimum specs.
I am using MEP 2009 and 2010 vertically.
If there is anyone happy with the computing power they have, can you please let me know what your specs are.
I am doing research, but I would like some user feedback.

Does a dual CPU have any advantage?
Does a solid state hard drive have any advantage?
2009-->OpenGL, 2010-->DirectX, is there a Excellent choice for a video card?

Who's machine out there rips?
Is anyone using a MAC with parallels, bootcamp or crossover?

I don't work on small projects. The last 3 projects were a 14 floor downtown skyscraper, a 6 floor medical research building and a 11 story courts building. These files get huge and performance really suffers. I need something that rips.