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Thread: Cut to clipboard.. come on now..

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    Default Cut to clipboard.. come on now..

    This is me complaining about the first thing that has really ergged me in RS2010, cuz it made me feel less intelligent haha.

    Who's brillant idea was it to put the Cut to clipboard tool on the Modify Void Extrustion Ribbon while in Component>Model in Place and not the Edit Geometery Cut tool? I kept hitting Cut and it kept dissapearing im like.. WTF! I thought RS2010 was supposed to read my mind and give me the right tools.. If im making a void in place i am most likely (like 99.9% of the time) going to need to CUT it from some other geometery.. not to my damn clipboard!

    Duh Revit. Duh.

    Please Dear Lord, let me learn all my keyboard shortcuts sooner rather than later.

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    Default Re: Cut to clipboard.. come on now..

    Do you know how many times I have hit copy to clipboard when really I want to copy an item. Way to many times. I feel your pain.
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    Default Re: Cut to clipboard.. come on now..

    I love text commands so I don't have this issue personally but I can see the frustration in something like this I will add my complaint.

    Also some of these icons really need to be fixed when you add them to the QAT there are a couple you can't even tell the difference. For instance copy and create similar add those to your QAT and then tell me which is which without having to have a second look.

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