This problem might be one of Navis Works, but I try to solve it here if someone would have an answer for this.

We are working a lot with Navis Works and lately (since two years) with Revit as well. The exporting has gone well, even though the ifc –form doesn´t go to the shared coordinates. So we normally use the export to dwg.

Now I upgraded both of the programs to 2010 version. Still having the model made by 2009 Revit, in Navis 2010 everything went well. Now, both in 2010, when exporting the model to dwg, having all the same settings, same layers, same model , same file-name and format (2004.dwg), the model in Navis Works doesn’t appear right. All the colors and transparences are missing, as if it would be e new model.
This is very frustrating, if I have to update those in Navis every time I upgrade Revit (which is of course not more often than max. once in a year, but anyway... losing a lot of time and nerves here!).

Does anyone have similar problems or better- any solutions?

Thanks - Nina