I am trying to place the first and second floor plans on one sheet; since the building I am working on is not that large. I am using ACA 2008 and when I make view drawings the xrefs come in at the appropriate elevations as specified in the project navigator. Once I create the views and then drag them onto sheets the floor elevations are ignored and the two floor plans come in at the same elevation and then I see many red circles of death because the walls of both floors are colliding together. The only way I have figured out around this is to drag the views in, then move the plans apart, and then adjust the viewport for the new plan location. Is there a better way to have multiple floor plan views on one sheet? What if I need to make a sheet for enlarged plans, like stair plans, I would be spending all this time to move plans around and update all of the viewports. There has to be a better way to deal with this situation, please help.