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Thread: Video output in WMV format.

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    Question Video output in WMV format.

    How can I use WMV as a format to my video. I have Viz 2005, but I cant´t see the WMV format as a output option.
    Is some codec I have to get?
    By the way I´m going to burn the video to a DVD...and use Movie Maker to edit.
    Is it maybe anther format I should use

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    Default Re: Video output in WMV format.


    In Viz, after you open the Render roll out,
    when you click the box render to file,
    and you select the location and file name,
    you should see another settings button
    below the save as file type option(chose avi)
    when you click that button you will get to chose
    your desired output codec.
    The resultant AVI file will open and edit in Movie Maker
    with most of the Indeos, and Microsoft video codecs
    listed with no need to download or install additional ones
    to your machine.

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