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Thread: Navisworks 2010 64bit Missing ODBC Driver support

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    Angry Navisworks 2010 64bit Missing ODBC Driver support

    FYI. The data link tool found in Navisworks under Tools>Files Options>Data Tools does not work on 64 bit systems. You can create a new link, but when you go to select the driver you only see 4 or 5 basic ones, but not the long list you see in 32 bit. If you click on the setup button, nothing happens. Apparently, there are no drivers yet written for Excel and MS Access for 64 bit, which I guess is the problem. Frankly, I am annoyed at Microsoft for not releasing 64bit drivers for Excel and Access in MS Office 2007. I am pretty sure the only link that may work is the SQL link.
    Autodesk's development team is aware of this, but it would have been nice to know a little sooner before jumping to 64bit.....

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    Default Re: Navisworks 2010 64bit Missing ODBC Driver support

    Thanks for posting a heads-up.
    R. Robert Bell
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