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Thread: Update drawings in Project Navigator

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    Default Update drawings in Project Navigator


    As a second tier user of Project Navigator (PN) I would like to be able to replace an existing construct with a new updated version. Currently, you have an option when you open a drawing to "Save current drawing as Construct". I would like a second option "Replace existing Construct with current drawing"

    How Used:
    When receiving an updated background drawing (for example an updated architectural drawing) the user could replace the existing construct with the new one and not lose any pathing or have to re path any drawings that currently use the outdated background.

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    Default Re: Update drawings in Project Navigator

    Yes please!
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    Default Re: Update drawings in Project Navigator

    That is how I expected it to work when Project Navigator first appeard.

    Much too sensible, think of all the time it would save.

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    Default Re: Update drawings in Project Navigator

    Yes, that would be handy. In the mean time, you could just copy the new drawing into the current construct.

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