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Thread: Trim, trim objects/selection issue 2010

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    Default Trim, trim objects/selection issue 2010

    Hi there.

    I am using civil 3d as 2010 for some general editing of larger dwgs for use down in 14.

    I use to use 2008 and this is the first time using 2010 for this purpose in a few months.

    Although I have C3D I thought this was a more generic cad question (Hope I posted in the right spot)

    The issue...
    When I want to trim a mass of random polyline (contours) to a rectangle...I select the rectangle as the abject to trim to...then I use a crossing to select a mass of computer is taking a very, very, very long time to actually trim the objects.

    When I select the polylines one by one it is very snappy/quick.

    I have tried this with the extend and projection options in different modes and this makes no speed difference.

    With 2008 there was never a problem...very fast, very efficient in the task.

    Any ideas ???

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Trim, trim objects/selection issue 2010

    Have you tried Fence selection?
    Do the polylines contain lots of short segments near the point that they cross the rectangle?

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