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Thread: Pipe Rise/Drop Display Problem

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    Default Pipe Rise/Drop Display Problem

    Hi all,

    For some reason, AMEP09 is not displaying the rise/drop symbols for elbows correctly. I have attached a screenshot to help clarify my situation. On the left, you can see the problem: on of the elbows displays correctly, but the others (the ones down/left of the correct elbow) just show as white dots. Just for clarification, a 3D iso view of the pipe connections/elbows is shown in the right viewport (view from SW iso) in the screenshot. In other locations with the same configuration, ALL the elbows show up just as white dots.

    Has anyone else run into this? Could it perhaps be because the pipes are too close together? (Although this exact same configuration shows up correctly in other locations (see 2nd screenshot)). Any ideas on how to fix this? (I've tried REGEN, OBJRELUPDATE, and restarting AMEP; no luck.)

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    Revit MEP 2013 - x64
    AMEP 2012 - x64
    Windows 7 - x64

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