We do a lot of publishing to CAL file format for the government. We usualy use Dimensional CAL print driver that comes with ACAD.

But since the upgrade from ACAD Arch 3.3 to ACAD Arch 2007 (We are currently now on ACAD Arch 2008 ) the Dimensional CAL print drive gives us a T.6 error with half of the screen purple.

So as a work around we use a Bentley driver to print our CALS to. This has worked fine for the past year plus but as of the other day, my publish as gotten messed up some how. When ever I print to this Bentley printer it prints all the files to one sheet. I look at my publish report and it tells me that all 10 sheets have printed but only one sheet appears.

My publish options say multiple sheet but this really should not have an effect because we are printing to an invisable printer. (hard to explain but after a year of using it, trust me when I say the publish options did not have an affect on the out put of the CAL file.) at least it did not before my publish stopped working.

Any ideas?