Hi guys

This is a very interesting thing I have come across recently and have not been able to figure out how it is done, and I may be missing something simple.

For those who have the Official Autodesk Revit Architecture 2009 Essentials Courseware datasets if you open chapter 6 and open the file m_firestation_sections_elevations.rvt or i_firestation_sections_elevations.rvt.

You will notice that you cannot edit or save out any of the component families in either Revit 2009 or 2010. You can modify the types add new types, delete the families but you cannot save out the families or open them in the family editor. (Please note only model component families were uneditable not Annotation Families).

Am I just being thick or have they done something to the file to lock it down? And if they have what the hell did they do? I've tried opening it as a template file, tried copy to clipboard and unless I am missing something really simple it seems they have locked the project file down.
Now I don't necessarily want this to be a global thing but it would make people alot more comfortable with sharing files if they knew you had control over the file but no way of extracting custom families.

Hope someone has a nice and easy answer that makes me look silly for this one, but I am stumped.