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    Default import gbXML file

    i want to analyse stadium daylighting performance. i designed the stadium using RevitArchitecture program. But it's roof designed using Rhino program(dwg format) because it's very atypical. Then roof file imported into revit program, add up stadium file. i exported this file gbXML format and i tried to import VE program. But roof shape is not indicated on VE. Only stadium shape is indicated on VE. What is the reason? I wonder if VE recognize file only designed using revit? Please help me.

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    Default Re: import gbXML file

    When you imported the roof. Did you import it directly into the Project file, or did you import it into a massing family first, then place that into the project file? Importing it into a mass family, I believe might allow you to "skim a Revit Roof onto it. You might also be able to import it into an in-place mass in the project. Either approach might yield better results. I do not have much experience with gbXML format.

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    Default Re: import gbXML file

    If you are using Revit Architecture 2010, the gbXML Export Dialog is the most useful troubleshooting tool you have in your toolbox for situations such as this. It gives you a 1-to-1 view of your Analytical Model before you produce the file to a gbXML consumer like the IES <VE>.

    For performance reasons, the default view just shows you the Room geometry, but you can switch the view to Analytical Surfaces mode to see the Analytical Surfaces view. I find the Shaded view to be the most useful myself, but others tend to like the Wireframe view.

    From there you can interrogate the Rooms in your model, isolate them, and understand how the bounding geometry is being translated into different gbXML Surface Types.

    Check out the attached image for an example.

    In your case, since it's a stadium, you may have an open space and a Room can't be placed with the Roof as it's top bounding Element. In that case the Roof will be interpreted as a Shading Surface, but make sure the Roof Element itself is set to bee Room Bounding (in the Element Properties).

    If none of this works for you, please post some screen grabs of the aforementioned Analytical Surfaces view inside the gbXML Export dialog.

    Kyle B
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