Working on a very complex building with crazy geometry in Revit Architecture 2009. The Revit model is divided up into 4 architectural models and 3 consultant models. Project is workshared. 5 months ago the geometry for the exterior walls were created, and since then a lot of work has been done around this geometry.

Cut to today, when it is time to create the parapets for the highly complex curved and canted walls. The walls have been done as "wall by face" derived from a family of swept blends that were void swept to match the correct geometry. The original mass(es) were left in place should there be any changes to the geometry, so that we could "remake" the wall. Luckily, there have been no changes to the geometry so far, so this is probably not going to make or break the project, but I am hoping someone on here has run into this issue previously and may have a solution.

Here is the issue: The mass for the wall is visible, until I open it in the family editor. At this point one of the swept blends is visible, but not the main one. The main mass will not become visible unless the overall void sweep is selected, and then it magically appears. I can then select it, edit it, etc. However, I will be unable to cut it (or not cut it) because as soon as I select off of it, it is invisible again. Keep in mind, the other masses are visible, so my masses button and my visibility graphics are clearly not the issue. Any ideas?