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Thread: AutoCAD 3D Self-Taught Concerns

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    Default AutoCAD 3D Self-Taught Concerns

    I hope this is the correct place for this, I looked and this seemed like the correct place. At work I use Acad for 2D and Inv for 3D (solid modeling). Our Inv has serious issues and so I have been learning to do my 3D in Acad on my own. It has been fun, but time consuming. Most of my learning (my self-teaching was mostly done in Acad 06 but we just upgraded to 08 ) was done by reading blogs, forums and just fooling around with it. I can draw anything I want to in 3D, but am I doing it correctly? I use extrude when I can, but I use a lot of the 3Dface command. I am thinking that now that we have upgraded I will have more 3D commands at my disposal (I hope). I am sure that there are easier and more correct ways of doing things that I do, in school we just focused on the 2D, however, now they are being taught more of the 3D drafting.

    What are the correct methods for 3D drafting and modeling in Acad? I know that there are different ways to get the same look, are there preferred methods that I should be using?
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    Default Re: AutoCAD 3D Self-Taught Concerns

    Just one point - 3Dface produces a surface object whilst Extrude produces a solid object.
    In versions before 2008 it's best (but not essential) to avoid mixing surfaces and solids IMO.
    From the 2008 version onwards the distinctions are less well defined so it may not matter.
    Others here have more experience with the later versions so await their comments.
    John B

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 3D Self-Taught Concerns

    There is a website that has many AutoCAD 3D tutorials that illustrate how to use the new tools since AutoCAD 2007. I have completed them and they greatly improved my skill set in this arena. Here's the link:


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