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    We are using LDC. We are trying to set it up for the linework, and are having some difficulties. can someone tell me what the * and the $ are used for and if there are any other commands or codes like this that I should be aware of. as well I originally started to use "st" at the end of a code to get the line work in, I was told this is wrong that I should be using "B" before the code.

    As you can see the office is truly lost, and I have no experience with this at all, any and all information would be helpfull.

    Thank you

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    The * and $ codes appear only in the descriptor key codes. They are not part of the code the field guys use.
    In the field, the crews can use "B" for begin, an "E" for end. (EVERY B needs to have an E after it somewhere.) They can also use RECALL to recall a previously shot point. They also can use the C3 command for a 3 point curve. If they are real good at keeping track of stuff, there is a CONTINUE command that lets them draw line work while shooting the points in a cross section style rather than tracking the feature linearly.
    I feel your pain!! I had to set all of this up for our company and it's bad enough to set up the descriptor keys, but then getting the field crews to go along with the program can be a challenge.
    Where are you located? If you are close to Mississippi, perhaps we can get together and get this set up? If you are way far from GOD'S COUNTRY, there may be some local firms that have set this stuff up that may be willing to help you out. Understand this though, I have been told on numerous occasions that only about 10% of the users are using this feature, so local help may be slim.
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