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Thread: Suspended Ceiling Tile

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    Default Suspended Ceiling Tile


    I am using Max Design 2010. On almost every project I need to create a 2 x 2 suspended ceiling. I have used the tile maps before and made okay looking ceilings but nothing that ever really looked terrific. Can anyone guide me to a good tutorial so I can make something realistic? I have no problems with anything else in the model, just ceilings... Always....

    And they seem so simple too!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Suspended Ceiling Tile

    Seems like a pretty easy thing to model too. Much easier than trying to make a complicated tile material. :P

    I personally, (Just thinking off the top of my head) would make a plane for the ceiling, creating my desired ceiling tile pattern using edges, shape merge/boolean the edges to create my ceiling. I'd then chamfer the edges and extrude the tiles and use the edges of the shape to create splines and use sweep/ extrude to create the metal frame.

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    Default Re: Suspended Ceiling Tile

    I would create a plane and use noise to create a diffuse and bump map. Tile this, and *poof!* your ACT material is made. You can use photoshop to create a border which would act as the supports if you like.

    It seems like something that would be very suited to tiling materials since it's tiled in the real world. ..
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    Default Re: Suspended Ceiling Tile


    I you are not concerend with geometry allowances, go for a subdivided planar object. The new poly tools in 2010 will lend themselves well to an effort of this type. You can set up a plane to use as a guide. I'd start with a single separation line and then inset each polygon 1" for the frame. Maybe a slight extrude in for the tiles. Create an MSO material for the frame and the accustical tile (maybe lighting too). Tah-dah!
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