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Thread: DB attribute visibility not working.

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    Default DB attribute visibility not working.

    I have been sitting here trying to get these 2 attributes to display correctly using visibility. At first I was just modifying an old block and copied the second attribute from the first, but renamed it, and read forum posts and then made both attributes from scratch and they still won't behave right. Attribute #1 (Address) is only supposed to be visible in the Intelligent states, but it shows the whole time. It has a default value, which does change when I use the block, but I read in someones post this shouldn't affect anything. At a loss as to what's wrong now.

    I just tried one thing, attribute #2 (Wireguard) was set to constant, and once the block was inserted in a dwg it didn't have a grip where you could move the attribute around and reposition, but once I unchecked the constant setting and was able to move it again, now it won't behave correctly either, which if I can't move the attributes they are of no use to me, so anyone who knows a possible work around please fill me in. See attached dwg.
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