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Thread: Acad 2007: change SN without reinstall?

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    Default Acad 2007: change SN without reinstall?

    We have a seat of AutoCAD 2007 installed with a Home Use license, and are converting it to a Stand Alone license instead. We have a lot of customization, as well as ArchT 2007 installed, and would rather not have to reinstall everything. My hope is someone knows what files or registry locations store the serial number, so that I can either revise or delete them, then provide the new Stand Alone SN and get an auth code based on that new SN.
    As I understand it newer AutoCAD does this with no problem, it is now a "feature", but I understand that 2007 still made this difficult. But hopefully not impossible?

    Thanks for any advise.

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    Default Re: Acad 2007: change SN without reinstall?

    I don't think it is an option. You could export your profile, reinstall the software, then reimport your profile. That should save most of your customization. Also, moving your customization out of the AutoCAD folders to your custom folders will reduce the chance of your customization files from being removed when uninstalling AutoCAD.
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