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Thread: True elevation

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    Default True elevation

    This is the scenario.

    The true elevation of the top of 3rd floor slab is at +57'-0".
    Everytime when I click anywhere at the beam above, it would give me something like 65'-0", 67'-3", etc. The problem is that I have to subtract 57'-0" everytime in order to find out exactly where that point is from the slab.

    Right now, my alternative solution is to transform the entire model from +57'-0" to 0'-0" in order to avoid this hassle; or to click on 2 points (bottom of beam and the top of slab) to get the elevation height (Z axis)

    My question is:
    Is there a way to leave the model at +57'-0", and make the elevation height as 0'-0" without transforming the entire model?

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    Default Re: True elevation

    I dont believe so, sorry. Either transform the model to where you want it or do like you said choose two points, one being the slab.

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    Default Re: True elevation

    If you are exporting from a Revit model it now supports shared coordinates (2010)

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