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Thread: Serious problems between Navisworks 2010 & Revit 2010

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    Default Serious problems between Navisworks 2010 & Revit 2010

    I am a seasoned veteran of Navisworks since version 5 long ago and I have come against some serious problems between Revit 2010 (all disciplines) and Navisworks Manage 2010.
    Some of these problems are leftovers from Navisworks 2009.
    #1. This is a problem left over from versions 9. When exporting from Revit Architect 2010 to Navisworks via the Navisworks pluggin, if your project settings are set to millimeters then you expect to have millimeters in Navisworks. I check my objects file units and they are indeed in millimeters but when I scale it the object is about 1000x too small. I checked the settings in the plugin also.
    #2. I'm recreating an animation that I did in version 2009. I have an update to my model and schedule (it worked in 2009) that I have brought into 2010 but I cannot get it to repeat itself. I am trying to animate columns to go from the ground up to the podium and then the rest of the floors. I've tried everything in the book (well there really is no book as everyone is aware of by now) and I can't get it to work. The animation will not connect to the timeliner. I've checked my scripts and my animations and it just isn't happening. I run my animations and they run find. I check my scripts and they are good. I go into timeliner and check my selection set attachment, my script, and it just will not work!!!!
    It's like the timeliner is not recognizing the script at all. The columns blink that shows me something should be happening but nothing does.
    I have a few other things to share but that's it for now. If anyone else is animationg in Navisworks 2010 and using Revit 2010 and are experiencing the same problems or have a solution then please share. It all comes back in the end!
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