Revit's render engine limits my 8 core machine to 2 threads Looks great, but...

I made this little tutorial, thought it may be helpful to all the talented Revit folks here...
Revit to SketchUp to Twilight Render in 5 Steps

There's a NEW RENDER PLUGIN FOR SKETCHUP called "Twilight Render" that for $59 intro price will render on ALL PROCESSORS in your machine - for no extra charge.

High quality, very fast, simple to learn...(in comparison to learning how to build a family properly in Revit for instance )

Tons of Material Templates, IES lights, HDR lighting, DOF, Auto-Clay Rendering, many Render Setting Presets, - pretty much all the advanced features you could want if you are an advanced render guru... + Biased AND 3 UnBiased Progressive render methods!

Intermediate users of SketchUp can learn to use it in 30mins or less with free video tutorials.

My favorite part is that you can use ALL THE PROCESSORS you bought when you paid for your computer. A Corei7 (8 threads) machine can be bought at NewEgg for $970 in the States! But Revit will limit its use to 2...

Here's a rendering I made with Twilight Render Plugin for SketchUp of a 1920s school auditorium renovation... (they wanted black back-painted glass)

Hope you can find this useful for one of your projects.