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Thread: Render Revit Model with new Twilight Render Engine

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    Default Re: Render Revit Model with new Twilight Render Engine

    Quote Originally Posted by truevis View Post
    Hey, I am a beginner with that renderer. It's fun to learn something new.

    Reeking of company involvement? Which company? Do you smell a vast conspiracy of $59 renderers?
    First, since i started the criticism, let me say im not calling any of the Renderings lousy. I enjoy exploring new tools as well, and i think its great that we have enough options now that there is plenty to play with. I commend you guys for all trying it out, etc.

    Second, since i threw the flag up about sales pitch vs. end users, i did so not to start a flame war, but because i think its necessary to preface WHICH conversation we are having. There is "developer talking to end users baout their new tool and about how it works, what works, what doesnt, etc," and then there is "End users discussing new tools they find, and what they like and what they dont, etc."

    Its just like discussions about Revit that include or exclude Factory workers. I admire the Factory and all that they have given us and me for Revit and architecture, but if a conversation/post starts on the Railing tool, and someone comes in from the factory completely praising the existing Railing tool, im going to feverishly discount that opinion is towing the company line.

    Thats the ONLY reason i mentioned the anomoly for the new members and the coincidental praise of the product. No offense meant.

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    Default Re: Render Revit Model with new Twilight Render Engine

    Twilight is threatening to have network rendering in a future release. Meanwhile, there appears to be some workaround that uses Twilight as a front end for Kerkythea (freeware).
    "Built in SketchUp Scene set up with Twilight Render plugin for SketchUp then export> Net Rendered with Kerkythea "
    Check out the images at - wicked! (The have post-production in them, though.)

    Goes to show that technical knowledge is the most valuable asset. There are so many tools out there that we only have to know how to use, to do all sorts of things well.

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    Default Re: Render Revit Model with new Twilight Render Engine

    I have to agree. This whole post reeks of company involvement.

    On this forum I have found and followed other commercial links to other tutorials for Revit where the user is selling a subscription to their site which only sells tutorials for Revit... basically they provided a free tutorial so they could sell me more tutorials. That's fair.

    Quote Originally Posted by FletchMT View Post
    No one is suggesting that Twilight could replace Mray for Revit, but it's always nice to have an extra tool when it's needed. You can use Revit to render some things, but when needed, have Twilight in your 'back pocket'.
    So, in all fairness, why does it matter even if I am a member of the development team of Twilight Render in order for me to post a link to a tutorial I made to help Revit Users? There's nothing "sneaky" here.

    Who is the "FletchMT" person?
    I'm a nice guy.
    I'm an AutoDesk customer (for 15 years)
    I'm an advanced AutoCAD user.
    I'm a Revit user.
    I'm a long-time Viz/Max user.
    I'm a Mental Ray user and have much respect and admiration for it.
    I'm a registered architect in Wisconsin.
    I'm a designer.
    I'm a 3D visualization specialist with 15 years experience
    I have experience in 3d modeling in many major commercial packages.
    I'm an advanced user of SketchUp.
    I'm a member of the development teams for Kerkythea and Thea Render.

    Do I have a lot to learn from the talented folks here? Absolutely.

    "must be rich if you have 8 threads"
    ...well, this is the common misconception... as I pointed out in the original post, ANY American with $970 can have 8 threads... and when you do have them, you will see how you feel when rendering in Revit on 2 or 4 of them.

    Some of us had a dream of making the amazing Kerkythea Rendering Engine available as an easy-to-use plugin for SketchUp and making it so that almost anyone in the world can afford it/access this plugin. Is there something to fear from this or us? Clearly not.

    If you visit Twilight Render's website you will find an extremely helpful community forum full of good people. You will find free video tutorials to learn the program. You will find links to many legal and hi-res free textures, HDRI, and more.

    Anyone starting to learn a program should be given the opportunity to learn it for a while before judging their work.

    Here are some other new users of Twilight:
    Paul Russam
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    Default Re: Render Revit Model with new Twilight Render Engine

    Since some negativity as appeared in this thread...

    For the record...this thread started out, and remains, on the very thinnest of gray lines between self-serving post...or aka advertising and an acceptable post/thread. AUGI doesn't allow advertising in our forums. If you want to advertise then please contact our sales team to buy some ad space and help keep AUGI free for its members.

    That said the product is of interest to Revit users and AUGI members and I opted to leave it alone (note that I did move it to the Rendering forum) in the interest of letting the discussion run it course. I could easily tip to the other side of the fence and it would be defensible.

    The internet term "astroturfing" applies to people posing as individuals who share cool information about something without disclosing that they actually have a stake in the cool thing they are plugging. We've seen this in the past with other products where several new members suddenly seem to really care about a product.

    The best way to "sell" the product to Revit users is to make it available to them and then let them sing your praises. When a member who loves your product says so here that isn't advertising. When you say so yourself, it is...even if what you say is true.

    Last, our R&D forum is intended for new products to air their wares and let members kick their tires prior to a formal release and marketing agenda. Once it is for sale then it begins to cross the line into sales and marketing compared with Research and Development. Bottom line you need the permission of our members to make a sales pitch because under normal circumstances they don't want to hear it. Starting a thread is not permission.
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