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Thread: Remote Model Server for A/E Work-sharing

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    Default Remote Model Server for A/E Work-sharing

    I presently work for an engineering firm and use Revit MEP. We presently swap models with the architect once a week. Does anyone see issue with renting space on a high bandwidth remote server where the architect's building model and the engineers MEP model would reside. These models would be linked to each other. The architects latest work could be viewed in the MEP model by reloading the linked file and vice versa. This would eliminate the weekly model swap which ends up consuming at least a couple of hours. The architect and engineer would still maintain their own separate models but the latest information would always be accessible. Would it be possible to do this pier to pier between our network and the architect's?

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    Default Re: Remote Model Server for A/E Work-sharing


    Not without setting up a WAN and using a Riverbed device. Just way too slow.
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    Default Re: Remote Model Server for A/E Work-sharing

    Save to Central times are excruciating over the internet. People might try it for a while, then give up because they were sick of 45 minute STC times.

    The STC times would be sky high and you'd have to wait for the linked models to download every time you opened your local copies, which is no fun either.

    You might be able to get faster internet services, but you'd pay a fortune for it. You'd never be able to justify the cost compared to what you're doing now.

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