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Thread: AutoCad 2008 - Text does not show

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    Default AutoCad 2008 - Text does not show

    I have a AutoCad Arch 2006 Drawing that I opened in 2008 and the text is not in the drawing file at all... what is the process to rectify this.


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    Default Re: AutoCad 2008 - Text does not show

    Are you sure it's not there? Maybe it's above a cut plane or something? If it's truly gone, I'd contact Adesk, send them the file and log the complaint. I have no idea why text wouldn't show up. Layer state maybe. The text wasn't in an x-ref or something? I'm just trying to think of reasons why your text may not be there.
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    Default Re: AutoCad 2008 - Text does not show

    Could you post the file?

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    Default Re: AutoCad 2008 - Text does not show

    The text in the 2006 file should not be annotative, but not knowing exactly how you opened the file in 2008, you might try setting ANNOALLVISIBLE to 1 and see if that makes a difference.
    David Koch

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