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Thread: Custom Lisp Tracker

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    If your reactor and this routine has been loaded into memory, then just run an AutoLISP routine. The reactor will kick in and execute this routine. If you set a break point within it, then your code will stop when it hits the break point.

    You can then show the Watch window with Ctrl-Shift-W (from memory it is listed in the debug menu). This will allow you to watch the values of variables you are watching. One of them probably should be the Last Value.

    You can then step through the code using the F8 function key.
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    I know it is 10 years later but what the heck. I was looking for something that would tell me how to write to an excel file and specific cell such as F19 whatever. Then I saw needing to see how your programs are being used. I did that with a bunch of my programs and I am pasting in the code I used. This program was called by each of the other programs each time they ran. It writes to a simple .TXT file but that can be brought into an Excel or .CSV with the comma separation as this writes to text. The time that the program saves each time it runs is a conservative estimate of that time. The way this is written it puts in the date with the month so you can import only that months usage and keep a month track of what you are doing. Looking at this you could make file name contain the month and year in the file name or so it looks. I don't do this anymore so not going to test it but if somebody uses this they can try that. Doing so every month would have its' own usage file which I wish I would have thought of way back then. Sorry I didn't see this sooner as I wrote this program in 2008.

    (defun c:kiss1PPusage ()
    (setq kisscun (getvar "loginname"))
    (setq CURR (rtos (getvar "cdate") 2))
    (setq cmonth (substr CURR 5 2))
    (setq cday (substr CURR 7 2))
    (setq cyear (substr CURR 1 4))
    (setq kHour (substr (rtos (getvar "cdate") 2 4) 10 2))
    (setq kMin (substr (rtos (getvar "cdate") 2 4) 12 2))

    (setq kissprgmuse (strcat kisscun " on " cmonth "-" cday "-" cyear " @ " kHour ":" kMin " " "10" " " "1PPlot"))
    ;;;Addin the hours ,minutes & seconds.
    (setq fow1 (open "J:/1$JFOSTER/Kiss1PickPlotUsage.TXT" "a")) ;change the path
    (write-line kissPrgmUse fow1)
    (close fow1)
    ) ;_ end of defun

    Below you see the start of a program defun and the first line is the call to use usage program.
    (defun c:KISS1008BEFCLMono ()

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