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    Default Column alias

    I would like to put column aliases on some of the fields in the SELECT statement.

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim NumList As String
    Dim SourceBook As Workbook
    Dim ListSheet As Worksheet
    Dim QuerySheet As Worksheet
    Dim Query As QueryTable
    Dim Numb As String
    Set SourceBook = Application.ActiveWorkbook
    Set ListSheet = SourceBook.Worksheets("Main")
    Set QuerySheet = SourceBook.Worksheets("MONEY")
    Numb = Range("H6")
    If ListSheet.Cells(6, 8).Value = "" Then Exit Sub
    NumList = "'" & ListSheet.Cells(6, 8).Value & "'"
    Set Query = QuerySheet.QueryTables("MNY")
    Query.Sql = "SELECT NUMB_TBLE.NUMB_NAME, extract(month from NUMB_DATES_TBLE.DAY_MTH_YR) " _
    & "Group by numb_tble.numb_name, 
    extract(month from NUMB_DATES_TBLE.DAY_MTH_YR)
    Query.Refresh (False)
    End Sub
    I want to alias the column NUMB_TBLE.NUMB_NAME, I want it to say LAST_NAME

    I have tried NUMB_TBLE.NUMB_NAME AS LAST_NAME. It works but it changes the order of the columns. I do not want the order of the columns to change.

    When the query runs, in Excel, the column headings are DAY_MTH_YR and LAST_NAME

    If I do not use the alias, the column headings in Excel are NUMB_NAME, DAY_MTH_YR.

    I want the order to still be Name of the person, Date of the transaction.

    When I use the alias, it becomes Date of the transaction, Name of the person

    The order changes.

    How do I alias the columns without effecting the order of the columns.

    I connect to the Oracle database and the result set is put into excel
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