FlexLM Network License not being returned error.

I have a user (myself ironically) who does not return licenses when closing Revit... I open Revit (checking out a license) close Revit (doesn't return the license) open Revit (check out another license), etc.

Checking FlexLM it now shows 4 licenses checked out to the same user on the same machine (other users are getting angry).

I've restarted FlexLM
I've re-read the License File
I've changed the server path in Revit to another server and then changed it back.
I've restarted the workstation and the FlexLM service on the server.

As usual, writing a question here made me think of one more option, which worked and might save someone else some trouble.

I made a backup of the license file, deleted Revit from it (leaving only Max which seamed to be working correctly) re-started the service and re-read the license file which didn't have any copies of Revit in it. Checked FlexLM, working for Max. Then edited the Revit info back in, re-read the license file, and boom, we're back in business. Hopefully the fix sticks.

I don't know what caused this, but there are only two things that are unusual. The workstation which caused the errors is the only laptop which frequently borrows and returns licenses and it had just returned the license before this happened. The other issue was that I had just installed SamReport Lite. I unistalled it without solving the problem, but perhaps it corrupted something along the way which uninstalling didn't solve.

Thanks anyway.