I'm wondering if it is possible to have attributes containing the spec's for electrical equipment, lights etc, update automatically based on your selection from a drop down list, like visibility states, using fields, or any other means.

Ideally I would like to insert the block, light fixture, outlet, etc., and be able to select the model# from a visibility list (not sure if lookup can do this as lookup only seems to be able to give you data from parameters), and upon selecting the model, all the spec's are brought into other invisible attributes, volts watts etc.

Also I would like to have tables set aside in model space where all the blocks of said models of equipment are counted, giving me total amps and other info. I need. I was staring at this all afternoon and didn't have much luck coming up with anything as I'm new to fields and most of the parameters/actions in DB's. From everything I tried, I couldn't think of a way to be able to just select a model# from a list and have all the spec's loaded into attributes, w/out having a separate set of attributes per model# which is unreasonable given how many models there are. I don't know if one would have to make a reference table w/ all the models and info you wanted and then just reference the cells based on model you select? If that's how it is done then the light hasn't come on upstairs yet on how to do so. .