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Thread: Dimension number of constraints

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    Default Dimension number of constraints

    Dear all,

    How can i veiw the dimension number of the constraints.

    i want to control the constraints with the help of parameters (fx)

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    Default Re: Dimension number of constraints

    I am not sure if I have interpreted your question correctly but if you are seeking a way to show both the dimension number and value:

    Rick mouse button click anywhere on the sketcher screen (do no select the dimension). Under the pop down menu that appears is a command called "Dimension Display" - this turns on what you want to see. For instance select "Expression" to see both the dimension name and value.

    If on the other hand you want to an ID number for the constraints I know of no way to do that. I must admit that I don't see why it would be necessary to access them. All the parametric parts I have ever seen have been dimension driven, using tables or equations that adjust the dimensions of the part.


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