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Thread: snapping only one end of wires?

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    Default snapping only one end of wires?

    It seems like only one end of the wire/circuiting wants to snap to midpoints/endpoints etc of elements. This seems odd, would be nice if both could, makes it a lot easier to try and modify the circuiting for presentation if both ends will snap. Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: snapping only one end of wires?

    The answer is so simple you're going to feel stupid after reading this, so you may want to turn back now.

    Autodesk loves to frustrate their users and give them an incomplete product. They noticed it does not hurt sales and saves them money on hiring more programmers and engineering consultants. Other companies are taking note of this strategy. Sony is now selling TV's without remotes and only half the inputs work. Texas Instruments is removing the equals button and the number 4 button from all its calculators, and the list goes on.

    I actually just noticed (or remembered) this snapping issue today. I'm trying to tighten up my lighting plan and the wire snapping seems to only snap when it's wants too, maybe it's a member of a union

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