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    Default ... IGES to DWG & DWG to IGES ...

    I have a customer that wants to communicate to me via IGES. I'm sure I will follow this inquiry with others but first of all, is there a recommended 3rd party IGES translator for AutoCAD.

    I am currently using AutoCAD 2004 and have a license for AutoCAD 2005.

    My customer is using Solid Works. (If I write an application for this customer, I would like it to be versatile enough to work for other languages.)

    Until I've received the 3rd party software, I don't know the full scope of the programming I will be able to code. If anyone has had any experience with IGES 2 DWG or vise versa please type me a few lines of wisdom.


    Dr. D.

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    Talking Re: ... IGES to DWG & DWG to IGES ...

    Had the same problems once. Your customer should have SolidWorks > 2004 so there will be no Problems with any data exchange if the booth parties will use 4.0 Version of ACIS _acisin. The drawings from SW2004 could be directly saved as DWGs or DXF and the Parts can only be saved via ACISOUT. Since SolidWorks your customer can imports your DWG in his/her applicatin and have an DWG-Editor.

    Take a look on th solidworks homapage for eDrawings tools. its free and works with more apptz then only SW and AutoDesk Progz. You can download a personal (free of charge) SolidWorks version 2004 (2005 will be soon) for testing and learnig the functions and techniques inside SW.

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