Somehow my RSA crashed when trying to save a model and exiting...

(I run a Revit Structure 2010 Suite (Revit & AutoCAD) and RSA Pro 2010 from a network licence server. All program data is locally installed on my computer)

After restarting my computer the following happened:
1. Try to open RSA -> Startup graphic appears briefly and no further action -> RSA fails to open
2. Try to open AutoCAD -> Startup graphic appears briefly, AutoCAD window opens and closes immediately -> AutoCAD fails to open
3. Try to open Revit -> All works fine, but I am in demo mode and unable to access the lisence server and the following error is shown

Autodesk Revit Structure 2010 - 20090317_2115

Network licensing connection is established.

License type: Network
License usage type: <17>
License behavior: <17>
License expiration date: error 17

How can I fix this... Tomorrow morning I am formatting my machine...
Any help will be appreciated