For the past 4 or 5 years my company has been outsourcing a lot of our design work.
We have been relying on email, other companies FTP sites, files copied to CD, etc for "collaberation".
We always perform design reviews at 30%, 50% and 75% and then we receive the completed package.
It has gotten out of hand to say the least. So I'm looking in to the likes of Buzzsaw or Vault - not sure which one works best for us.

Basically we want people from my company to be able to view, print, markup files sent from the AE and we want the AE to be able to retrieve our comments. So one central location to keep files seems to make the most sense.

Since I'm not familiar enough with how Buzzsaw works, I have a lot of questions.

If we purchase Buzzsaw, we want our people to access it and the AE firms to be able to access it. The AE firms might be across town or in another state. Would the AE firm require any other software to access the Buzzsaw site or do they just need the site name and password?

We have several projects going on at one time utilizing our own staff and the other AE firms. Do we need to setup a Buzzsaw site for each project ot would we have one site and each project has it's own folder which we would set access rights on?

We would mainly be viewing AutoCAD files, some MS Office documents, and PDF files. Does Buzzsaw allow any type of file to be uploaded or downloded to it?

How well does Buzzsaw handle files with Xref's and Raster/Vector files (CADD drawings with scanned drawings attached to them).

Is this overkill for what we are doing or is Buzzsaw the best route for to enable us to ensure we are able to review files in an efficient and timely manner and a secure way of transmitting all of the deliverable?

Thanks for any advice any of you have to provide.

Don Jacobsen
Energy Northwest
Richland, WA