i would like to see industry related Version or Add-Ons for LT.

I have to use a non Autodesk PLM solution but like to use Autocad LT to create Sketches, fixing Ideas and reviewing older Drawings created in Autocad. Another Task is editing DXF from the PLM System to use it in CAM Enviroment.
I would like to see some Mechanical Tools within LT say Constrains, Parametric Drawing and creating/Construction Lines. A Sheet Manager would be handy as well.
The Marketing/Sales in comparison to full Versions is discussed very often. So why not restricting the wanted Features to a decent Number (for example managed sheets restricted to 5 or 10 etc.).
Buying Add-Ons from Autodesk would be great as well - i don't like the Idea of purchasing external Tools that create an unwanted Load of Memory Space and Processing Time